Les & Bob part 2

The skin was stretching and going white at the very tip as it slowly pulled down the glans.
"Is that hurting?" I asked 
"No, its OK just keep pulling it slowly" said Bob.

Then the skin clipped snugly back behind the rim of the glans.

I moved forward and inhaled. There was not strong smell of urine, just soap and some muskiness. The head looked very moist and was very dark. It kept jumping with each heart beat. Father Fred then said "OK Les get closer and pull the penis closer to your nose to get a better smell".

As he said this I looked at him and noticed that he had his hand on his penis, he was not moving it but squeezing the end a little. I did as he asked and got hold of Bob’s very hard prick and pulled it away from his tummy toward my face, as I touched it, it jumped in my fingers. I moved my face closer to within a couple of inches of Bob’s prick and sniffed. Again there was nothing offensive to smell. 

Father Fred told me to slide the foreskin back over the end again and to swap places with Bob. 

Bob’s foreskin did not easily become unclipped from behind the rim but it did eventually, I let go of his dick and it sprang back toward his tummy. We swapped places.

Bob had a big smile on his face and looked at Father Fred for permission to start, I noticed that as he looked at Fred his eyes went down and looked at Father Fred squeezing his big prick. "Go on then, get on with it." Father Fred instructed.

My prick was rock hard and pointing up with the foreskin just covering the end.

Bob put his face close and smelled my ball sack. His nose was very close and I could actually feel his breath on my balls as he breathed out. He started to smell up the shaft and then said "Look Father, there is some dried stuff along Les’s Willy."

"Yes Bob, I noticed that as well, do you think that it smells?" 

"No not really, his balls smell mainly of soap" Bob said "There is a smell of some kind on his Willy but I don’t know what it is, it’s not sweaty." He touched my shaft, it jumped, he scraped the shaft and some of the dried stuff went onto one of his fingers.

"Some has come off onto my finger, look" he said. He put his finger to his nose and then wiped it onto the bed sheets without comment. He got hold of my Willy with his finger and thumb, it jumped when he touched it, and he started pulling the foreskin back off the head. It felt really good to have him touch it. The skin slid easily back and clipped in behind the rim. He held the shaft up and moved his nose really close and breathed in.

"It doesn’t smell bad, but there is a smell of soap and well I don’t know."

"OK then Bob pull the skin back and I am going to swap places with Les so that you can smell what a penis smells like without a foreskin" Fred stood up. His huge Willy was standing straight out from his crutch and about 60 degrees from his belly. I got onto the floor at the side of Bob as I was told and Father Fred spread his legs apart. 
"Bob, you go first" Fred instructed as he leaned back on his elbows.

I watched as Bob moved forward and went to smell Father Fred’s ball sack. He moved his head back in like a reflex action. "What’s the matter Bob?" Fred asked "nothing, I just wasn’t expecting it to smell quite so sweaty" said Bob.

"That’s what adult smell like, I will have a bath tonight and that will sort that, move the ball sack to one side and smell it there" Bob did as he was told and confirmed that this also smelled. As he touched Fred’s scrotum Fred took an intake of breath.

Bob moved closer and took hold of Fred’s penis with four inexperienced fingertips and his thumb and moved it toward his nose. Fred took another sharp intake of breath and his head went back. His penis throbbed back towards belly. I watched, Fred started watching again, Bob took hold of the prick again and moved it toward his nose and sniffed.

"I can’t smell anything in particular, but there is a similar smell to that which was on Les’s willy" said Bob "there is also another smell" he moved his head closer and moved the prick to one side and was smelling quite close to the pubic hair "it’s a bit like old wee". 

"Yes that will be sorted tonight, now it is Les’s turn" said Fred.

Bob moved out of the way and I moved into place, whilst we were swapping places I noticed that Father Fred grabbed his shaft and moved some of the skin up and down 2 or three times.

Fred moved his hand away from his shaft and I moved in to smell his balls. I lifted the ball sack up and smelt underneath it. I could smell bum smells and sweat. Fred was breathing heavily as I touched the scrotum and I felt the ball inside moving. I moved the sack to one side and Bob had done and smelled it again. The sweat was very strong but there was not as much bum smell.

I started to smell up the shaft. It was definitely different to Bob’s smell. It was a bit musky but there was another smell that was not present on Bob’s dick. I got hold of the shaft how Bob had done and again it jumped, Fred was breathing hard and watching intently to everything that was happening. I pulled the penis toward my nose and sniffed. 

"What can you smell?" asked Fred

"Nothing really" I said "there is a smell which is quite different to Bob’s Willy but it is not strong like the sweaty bits.

Just then we heard a shout from the bottom of the stairs, it was Edith "OK you lot up there, the breakfast is nearly ready come on down!"

"OK boys you heard, get dressed now, at least you know how things smell now and why we have to keep clean. Especially you two with your foreskins" said Fred, he continued "this is between us we don’t need to talk about this with Edith ok?

We said yes and got dressed.

Breakfast was a real treat bacon, sausage, eggs and beans. We normally only had cereal, well actually porridge at home. We loved porridge which is just as well because we had it a lot.

We finished our orange juice and asked if we could go out to explore. Fred said that he would give us a shout once he had prepared the picnic and then we should go.

Edith’s house looked good at night, during the day it was fantastic, and it sat on a hillside on the moors. There was a fresh water spring at the side of the house. Father Fred explained later that this is where the water for the house came from and that was why there was a little sand in the bath last night. We ran up the hillside to the top of the hill and explored an old shed. There were some sheep that kept their distance.

I needed a wee and of course as is usual with twins, bob needed one at the same time. When we both had our willies out and having a tiddle Bob asked why there was stuff on my will when he looked at it this morning.

I told Bob what happened last night in bed "Last night when we were in bed, Father Fred touched my willy again. Somehow it seemed OK in the bath but I wasn’t expecting it in bed"

"I would agree" said Bob but he was eager to know more "so what did he do?"

"He touched my willy until it was stiff again, and then he pulled back the skin and kept touching it, feeling it as if to make sure that the skin was not covering the head. Then he took his hand away and I felt the bed moving, you were fast asleep by this time. The next thing I felt his hand go back to my Willy only this time it was wet."

"Wet?" enquired Bob

"Yes wet. When he touched my knob this time it was much more sensitive. You know how it was in the batch last night, it was just like that"

We put our dicks back into our pants and sat down continuing to talk.

Bob said "I know, it was a really funny feeling with Edith and Father Fred touching my Willy like they did. It was nice though don’t you think?"

"Yes and it also felt nice in bed, but it didn’t seem right. He continued to make the rest of my Willy all wet which is why you could see that dried stuff I guess this morning." 

"So what do you think it was that he put on your will to make it wet?" asked Bob

"Well it wasn’t just wet, because after he had finished and he pulled my skin back he went to sleep, I put my hand under the sheets to feel it and it was slimy, well slippy anyway. I smelled my fingers after I had touched it and there was a funny smell, a bit like Mum’s cleaning stuff." 

I continued "It will be interesting to see if he does the same to you tonight".

"What do you think of his Willy?" I asked Bob.

"It’s massive isn’t it?" he said "but it isn’t as hard as mine when he is stiff, it’s just much thicker and hotter. It’s not as hard as yours either" he said.

"I know, I actually liked touching your and I liked it when you touched mine. Father Fred’s is quite a lot bigger isn’t it" I agreed. "When I lifted his ball sack this morning I felt the balls moving inside and it wasn’t me moving them."

Bob said "all I know is that he was breathing very hard when you were touching him and on other occasions he seemed to be holding his breath waiting for you to touch him some more".

"Les, Bob it’s time to go!" we heard Father Fred shouting from below.

We stood up and ran in a race to the cottage.

It didn’t take long to get to Fountain’s Abbey and because Father Fred was with us we got in without paying. It is a fantastic building with a very tall tower. We walked around some of the grounds and Bob and I were running around as Fred sat on a bench in the sun. After lunch we walked into the building and around the ruins as Father Fred explained what each part of the Abbey was used for. He explained about the responsibilities of the Abbot and a little about life at that time.

There was a lot of walking which was very tiring.

We had an ice lolly which was a real treat.

On the way back to the house we stopped at another church and went to a said service. I really preferred singing services as said services were boring. Father Fred knew the vicar at this church and we were invited to tea. We had Cottage Pie.

We set off to go home having had a wonderful time.

When we got back to the cottage Edith had left a note saying that she was out and wouldn’t be back until 9 o’clock. She had left some biscuits out for a little supper.

"Right" Father Fred said "we have another busy day tomorrow and it is getting late so we need to get ready for bed …








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